I can arrange to meet you and your pet at a suitable time for you and we can have a no obligation, informal chat about you and your pets requirements.

Dog Walking

I take all dogs on walks which take place in woodland locations.

30 minute walk – From £8.00

1 Hour walk – From £9.00

2 dogs from same household – Discount Price Offered

The walking times exclude pick up and drop off time. All prices stated above are depending on your location and will be discussed and agreed at our pre booking chat.

Pet Sitting

 A great alternative of leaving your beloved pet at a kennel or cattery and getting someone to water the plants.

When you are away on holiday I can stay in your home and look after your pets and home. This gives you the peace of mind that your pets and home are safe, secure and happy in their home.

£35 – Per Over Night Stay, Feeding & Walks

£25 – Per Full Day Stay, Feeding & Walks

Pet Checks

This service is for any pet that you want me to come to your home and check on, keeping them comfortable in their own surroundings.  I can check on them while you are out at work or away on holiday. The pet check includes me feeding, walking, letting out and cleaning out trays or cages.  I can visit the pet as many times are required and this will be discussed and arranged at the pre booking chat.

£9.00 – Per Visit


Doggy Day Care

Doggy Day Care is when I will collect your dog in the morning and look after them all day, taking them along with walks or on my journeys, letting them socialize with other dogs and have a fun filled day.  I will collect your dog in the morning and deliver them home late afternoon ready for a restful evening and good nights sleep, so they are ready for the next fun filled day.

Pet Taxi

My Pet Taxi assists you if you have vet or grooming appointments booked for your pet and you are unable to attend.  I will collect your pet and take them to the appointment and deliver them back to your home after their appointment.

Prices are based on the length of time required and the distance the appointment is from your home. This will be discussed and arranged at our pre booking chat.